Next race 07/08/21

07.08.2021 Torfæra Íslandsmót KK Hafnarfjörður Saturday, Agust 7.  2021 from 11:00 UTC TIL 17:00 UTC Icelandic champion race in formula offroad Tickets sold on Kvartmíluklúbburinn @kvartmila  · Kappakstursbraut Event by AKÍS – Akstursíþróttasamband Íslands and Kvartmíluklúbburinn Kvartmílubrautin Miðar Opinbert  · Anyone on or off Facebook Íslandsmót í Torfæru fer fram laugardaginn 7. ágúst. Keppnishaldari er Kvartmíluklúbburinn Íþróttir

Car days in Akureyri

On 17 June the carclub in Akureyri Iceland will hold the annual races street racing 1/4 mile and may more here is the …. Bíladagar 2021. 17.6.2021 Car & equipment  show Skráning fer fram á email 17.6.2021 Sanddrag Íslandsmót klukkan 20:00 18.6.2021 Drift Ícelandchampion 19.6.2021 streetracing / 1/8 míla Ícelandchampion 19.06.2021 Burn-out Copy paste […]

Formula Offroad…..

This is just plain and simple the Scandinavians family picnic where people go to have some quiet time with the family having some barbeque talking together and enjoying togetherness . And looking at nature and testing out what you can do with your 4X4 ………… FORMULA OFFROAD just out of this world


Sindratorfæran was held at Hella just outside it at mai 8 2021 and this year nobody was allowed to come and watch it only an online event . The winner in street legal class was Steingrímur Bjarnason The Smurf racing. The winner in unlimited class Ólafur Bragi  The Fox racing.