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Driver Background

Skúli Kristjánsson is the Champion of 2021

Skúli kristjáns

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Driver/age/location: Skúli kristjánsson 27 yers born 1993 from ljónstaðir

Car name/build year: Simba built 2018-2019

Motor/hp: Ford 5.0l coyote 2017  781 hp/1036 torque dyno tested to the wheels hp, on motor about 900

Transmission: stoll/transfercase. Ford c6  5000 stall. Lion transfercase

Axel fr: Special made 9 tomma with dual rcv balls

Axel rear: Special made 9″ Tire/Rims/fr/rear. 33 ” super scoper fr. and rear and weld racing alu rims 15×13 with beadlock

Suspension fr/rear: King 2.5 air shocks and bumpstop rear. Ori shocks at front with  10 “travel