Team Bomban Racing #191

Ingi Már

Driver Background

Driver: Ingi Már Björnsson

Age: From the Stone age I belive

Location: Vík í Mýrdal

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  1. Cars name  Smiðju Bomb

  2. Built 2018

  3. Engine  Chevy LS2 turbo plus nitro  hp/

  4. Transmission chevy th400 sk performance stalls 4600

  5. Transfer case Lion case

  6. Front axel Xspecial Ingo made with 9″ ford and RCV joints

  7. Rear axel 14″ chevy

  8. Tires 32″ super scooper

  9. Rims home made alu

  10. Suspension King 12 ” and profenfender bumpstop.




Smiðj BombanSmiðju BombanSm Bomban