• On 17 June the carclub in Akureyri Iceland www.ba.is will hold the annual races street racing 1/4 mile and may more here is the ….

  • Bíladagar 2021.

  • 17.6.2021 Car & equipment  show

  • Skráning fer fram á email jonni@ba.is

  • 17.6.2021 Sanddrag Íslandsmót klukkan 20:00

  • 18.6.2021 Drift Ícelandchampion

  • 19.6.2021 streetracing / 1/8 míla Ícelandchampion

  • 19.06.2021 Burn-out

  • Copy paste from www.ba.is with my translation

  • Code of Conduct Car Days.

  • We walk (drive) well around our town, as well as visitors as locals.

    Respect the maximum speed in residential areas as well as on roads.

    We only reel in the driving range of Bílaklúbb Akureyri.

    The guests of Bíladaga are positive and therefore have a lot of fun.

    We respect our neighbor and work together to make car days great!

    Visitors to car days walk around their surroundings neatly.

Car days www.ba.is in Akureyri